Youth 4 Bridge


Kid Power in Canada!by Peggy Kaplan

At the 2011 Toronto Youth NABC, kids from across North America proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. In their free time, they enjoyed lectures from experts, astronaut Greg Johnson, fun ACBL receptions and beautiful downtown Toronto. Then – they got down to business. From little guys needing card holders to handle all 13, to seasoned teenagers who have attended a number of tournaments, everyone hunkered down for competition. As you can see from the photos – everyone had a super time.

One partnership especially had reason to celebrate. Ben Kristensen of Minnesota and Burke Snowden of Colorado may be threatening to be the up & coming Meckwell of the next generation. Thursday, Ben and Burke finished first in the 84 table two session Gold Rush Pairs (0-750). Friday Burke and Ben seized the National Youth Open Pairs. Then – leaving no stone unturned, with teammates Hakan Berk of Maryland and David Soukup of Virginia, victory in the National Youth Open Swiss was theirs. Quite a performance!

Wonder if bridge is alive and well in the junior set? Just look at the excitement and concentration on the faces of these kids who traveled to Toronto’s Youth NABC. The answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!”

Ben and Burke
Ben Kristensen and Burke Snowden

Ben and Burke
Ben and Burke at the table

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