Youth 4 Bridge


Out of this World
By: Peggy Kaplan
Greg Johnson is a passionate guy. He’s passionate about flying, passionate about space travel – and especially passionate about the game of bridge.

Being such a fervent fan of our game, Greg’s latest mission has been to promote bridge – especially to children. He has traveled to multiple NABC’s to meet with our younger players, talking about his career in space exploration and his experiences at the bridge table.

In Toronto, Greg shared tales of the excitement of being an astronaut and being a bridge player. He commented on how being smart is something that those involved in space programs share with bridge players. His first travels to space – and becoming a Life Master? Both big highlights of Greg’s concurrent careers!

As our youth players finished a morning competition, with competitive zeal they huddled to see their scores, hold up trophies and pose with family. Then – everyone sat transfixed as Greg’s slide show and stories entertained and astounded.

All of us who love this game owe Greg a large debt of gratitude – both for his exploration into the future of the universe and for the promotion of our game to the next generation. Greg is truly out of this world!

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