Free spins

Free spins are free plays that allow you to play a slot for free. Each free spins equal one spin of the wheels of a slot machine. Most free spins are tied to a certain slot machine but there are free spins that can be used for any slot or for a selection of different slots.

Two types of free spins

free spinsThere are two main types of free spins. They are:

Free spins awarded as a bonus

Free spins that are awarded as a bonus is free spins that the casinos give you to encourage that you try a certain slot or as a reward for performing a certain action. It is common that you get free spins when you first register in a casino and deposit real money. These free spins are meant to be an extra encouragement to incite you to deposit money and is usually awarded on top of the regular bonus. Many online casinos will give you several hundred free spins on top of the bonus.

Casinos can award you free spins of this type for a long row of different actions. They can give you free spins for being a loyal player, to let you try a new slot, to deposit more money to your account and a number of other reasons.

Free spins awarded as a bonus is often tied to a certain slot machine but you do not need to play that slot to earn the free spins.

Free spins you win while playing a slot

Free spins that you win while playing a slot is a gameplay feature and is not something the casino awards you with. Free spins on this type can only be won while playing the game the free spins are for. Free spins are usually won when you get 3 or more scatter symbols on the board. Some slots can have different mechanics for awarding free spins.

Free spins that you win in-game is a game give you a chance to win more money. You have to use this type of free spins right away when you have won them. You are not allowed to save them until a later session. The free spins are played automatically as soon as you won them.

Free spins will often give you some of the biggest wins you will see in a slot. The theoretical max win during free spins can be astronomically high. The odds for actually winning these huge amounts are extremely low but you can still win a lot of money during free spins.

Why do casinos offer free spins?

There can be a number of different reasons that a casino offer free spins. The most common reason is that they want to entice you to start playing in their casino and therefore offer you a few free spins on top of the welcome bonus. Other common reasons that a casino give out free spins include:

  • Promote a new game launch.
  • Reward loyal players.
  • Reward VIP players.
  • Entice you to log in and play.
  • Entice you to try a new section of the casino.
  • Celebrate an anniversary or another milestone for the casino
  • Increase a certain game’s popularity
  • And many other reasons.

Where to find free spins?

There are a large number of different casinos that will offer you free spins when you deposit money with them. You can find a long list of different casinos that offer free spins on any casino review or bonus site.

free spin

Are free spins or a cash bonus better?

Free spins can be fun but a cash bonus is always better all other things being equal. A cash bonus can be used to play any game in the casino and you can decide how much of the bonus to bet on each game. This is not the case for free spins. Most free spins can only be played in one single game. In some cases, they can be used to play a variety of different slots but they never give the freedom a cash bonus gives you. You can never play blackjack or any other table games using free spins.

Winnings & Wagering requirements

If you end up winning money while playing using your free spins then that money will be considered a bonus. You will need to fulfil a wagering requirement before you are allowed to withdraw the money you won. The wagering requirement is different in every casino and the only way to know the wagering requirement in the casino where you won money is to read the terms and conditions for the free spins.