Youth 4 Bridge


Benefits of Bridge

What is Bridge? Bridge is a card game invented over 100 years ago and still being played today. Unlike other games that you master and eventually quit playing because they no longer challenge you, Bridge is a game that offers continuous challenges, new situations to be analyzed every time you play and a complex and intriguing language to be learned and mastered.

"Why Play Bridge?" Video Click here to hear why young people around the world are playing the game of bridge.

Why Do Young People Play Bridge? When asked why they want to play bridge, young players tell us it’s because the game is fun and it gives them a chance to hangout and play with their friends. No other skill you master can offer the benefits of learning bridge. Along the way, you will be improving your concentration, as well as your math, problem solving and logic skills. Bridge provides an opportunity for you to make new friends you will keep your entire life. What can be better?

Who Plays Bridge? Kids just like you are learning Bridge all over the world, in every country. The game of Bridge has no boundaries. Children of any age, sex, intelligence, physical ability or economic resources can learn and enjoy bridge.

Are There Any Bridge Scholarships? Yes. Bridge provides unique opportunities for scholarships, awards and recognition of your accomplishments.

Here are just a few of the things that bridge has to offer.

Help Your Friends Learn to Play Bridge With a Teaching Scholarship High school seniors and college students are eligible to earn scholarships and stipends if they teach bridge in schools. A bridge teacher in your area can help you get started.
A $500 scholarship is awarded to an ACBL Junior member who teaches a class with a minimum of eight students for at least 16 hours of instruction. (Please note that you are encouraged to start your class with a minimum of 12 students.) Student teachers are required to work with an ACBL Accredited Teacher (the accredited teacher gets the $350 stipend). When the teacher approves the Junior to teach without a mentor, the Junior receives both the $500 scholarship and the $350 teaching fee.
The ACBL’s funded school program provides free textbooks (“Bidding in the 21st Century”), t-shirts and a trophy for an end-of-class tournament. For more information, go to:

Youth North American Bridge Championship (Youth NABC) Each summer a Youth NABC is held during the ACBL Summer NABC and $1,000 college scholarships are awarded to the winners of the National Youth Open Pairs. In addition, a $4,000 college scholarship, to be divided amongst the team, is awarded to the winners of the National Youth Open Swiss Team.

North American College Bridge Team Championship Each spring, the ACBL sponsors the North American College Bridge Team championship at Bridge Base Online (
Based on the number of teams entering the event, the qualifiers earn a free trip to the Summer NABC. The NABC competition determines the winning team. The ACBL Educational Foundation supports this event with a grant, awarding a $500 scholarship to each member of the winning team.

King or Queen of Bridge If you are a graduating high school senior and an ACBL member who plays and promotes bridge, you are eligible to enter the King or Queen of Bridge contest. Recent winners have been cited for outstanding tournament performances plus administrative, recreational and promotional activities related to bridge. The ACBL Educational Foundation will present a $1000 scholarship to the King or Queen of Bridge. To enter the contest, e-mail your personal information and qualifications, along with the name of your school, the principal, and the address and phone number of your school, to no later than May 15th of each school year.

Youth Sportsmanship Award Participants in the Youth North American Bridge Championships each summer vote for the recipient of the Youth Sportsmanship Trophy. Good sportsmanship refers to fairness, self control, respect and courtesy. The winner of the Sportsmanship Trophy will be a person who plays to ensure that everyone (partner and opponents alike) enjoy the game and the experience of playing and meeting other students who share a passion for bridge. A $1,000 college scholarship will be provided to the winner of this award.

Youth Advocate & Youth Ambassador The ACBL has created a Youth Division to recognize and address the different needs of its young members. As part of this program, two positions were created.
The Youth Advocate is a youth player elected by his/her peers to be their ‘voice’ to ACBL management. The Advocates job is to solicit ideas on ways to create an exciting and enjoyable experience for young players.
The Youth Ambassador program seeks to recognize young players for their ethics, sportsmanship and passion for the game of bridge. These young men and women are nominated by teachers and players in their local areas and appointed by their District Directors.

For More Information: Contact the ACBL Ed Dept. at