Welcome bonus

welcome bonusWhen you say casino bonus you are most likely to refer to a casino welcome bonus. This is the most well-known type of casino bonus but there are several other types of bonuses. The welcome bonus is the bonus you get when you open an account and deposit money to it. Almost all online casinos offer a welcome bonus. The size and terms & conditions for the bonuses can vary greatly between different casinos.

On this page, I am going to give you an introduction to welcome bonuses. If you want to know more about other types of casino bonuses then I recommend you visit my page here.

Why do casinos give welcome bonuses

Casinos give you a welcome bonus to encourage you to start playing in their casino.

How large are welcome bonuses?

The size of the welcome bonus can vary greatly between different casinos. Some offer a few hundred dollars as a bonus. Other offers you bonuses worth many thousands. How much you get is almost always dependent on how much money you deposit.

How do I find a welcome bonus?

Finding a welcome bonus is not hard. Almost all casinos offer them. Finding the largest and best casino bonus can be harder. The best way to achieve this is to visit a website that lists casino bonuses. The bonuses change too often for me to be able to offer reliable information on this page.

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How do I claim a welcome bonus?

Claiming a welcome bonus is very easy. You start by registering in the casino. In some casinos, you need to enter a bonus code when you register to get a bonus. In other, you need to enter it when depositing money. Most casinos do not require you to use a bonus code at all. You can find bonus codes on the main page of many casinos or by visiting a website that features information about bonus codes.

Once you have registered you will need to deposit money to your account. Most casinos offer a number of ways to deposit money. You can usually use VISA, MasterCard, a number of different e-wallets and a wire transfer to deposit money. Some casinos even accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

The bonus will be deposit to your account automatically once you have made your deposit. Make sure that you make a deposit large enough to get the bonus you want. A small deposit will only give you a small bonus and any additional bonuses that you could have gotten by making a larger deposit will be forfeited. You can not make an additional deposit later to get it.

What is the wagering requirement?

All casino bonuses are associated with a wagering requirement. You will not be able to withdraw your bonus until you have fulfilled the requirement. In many casinos, you will be unable to withdraw any money until the wagering requirement is fulfilled. It is important that you know that your money might be locked in your casino account until you met the wagering requirement. If you try to withdraw the money before you have fulfilled the wagering requirement then your withdrawal will be denied. In some casinos, you will forfeit your money if you try to withdraw money before you met the wagering requirement.

More generous casinos allow you to withdraw you whatever remains of the deposit after withdrawing the bonus even if you have not fulfilled the wagering requirement. You will often forfeit the bonus if you do this.

The bonus requirement varies a lot in size. It is usually stated as a multiple of the value of the bonus and deposit. It is common that you have to wager the bonus and deposit 25-50 times before you fulfil the wagering requirement. Bets made in some games might not count towards the wagering requirement. Bets on other games might only count as a fraction of their true value.