Casino Bonuses

bonusThere are many different types of casino bonuses. All bonuses are developed with a certain goal in mind. Some bonuses are developed to get you to perform a certain action such as depositing more money to your account. Other bonuses are meant to celebrate important milestones that the casino has reached such as 1 million players or the casino turning X year old.

In this article, we are going to look at some common types of bonus. We will add a more in-depth article on each type of bonus.

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses are small bonuses that you get for free without having to deposit any money or provide any credit card information. The bonus is designed to give you a chance to try the casino for free. All the casino ask for in return is your email so that they can send you bonus offers.

These bonuses can be a great way to try different casinos and see which ones you like.

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Welcome (deposit) bonus

Welcome bonuses are bonuses that you get when you first register in a casino and deposit money. Most welcome bonuses are match bonus. A match bonus is a bonus which size is dependant on how much money you deposit. Deposit X USD and get Y USD in bonus. Most welcome bonuses are defined as a percentage of the deposit. IE you might get 200% bonus up to USD 400. This means that if you deposit USD 100 you get USD 200 in bonus (200% 0f USD100) and that you can never get more than USD 400 as a bonus no matter how much you deposit.

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Free spin bonus

The free spin bonus is simply a bonus that contains free spins. It is not a type of bonus in itself. All other types of bonuses listed on this page can be free spin bonuses or at least contain free spins as a part of the bonus. A cash bonus is always better than a free spin bonus. At least if they are the same size. Free spins can only be used for one (or a few) games while a cash bonus can be used to play any game featured in the casino.

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Refill bonus

The refill bonus is a bonus that rewards you for depositing more money to your account. The refill bonus is also known as a top-up bonus. Only a small percentage of all online casinos will give you a refill bonus. There are a few casinos that give you a bonus on all deposits.

Refill bonuses are welcomed when offered since they give you more money to play for.

Loyalty bonus

The loyalty bonus is a bonus you get for being a loyal and valued customer. Different casinos feature different loyalty and VIP programs and will give you different bonuses. Some only award you based on how much you have played, other awards you on anniversaries etc as well.

The loyalty bonus is only given to active players that play in the casino.